On Another Note…Wanna’ be a Dictator?

3 Apr

The VVVSS has been in existence for a few years right now, and I have been in control for the second 100 stories. Following the dictates of the VVVSS it is time to turn the helm over to another editor. If you are interested in being the sole person responsible for posting stories to the VVVSS and gathering the next 100 stories, please send us an email!

The Second Book!

3 Apr

Yes! It is true! The book is almost here! We have completed our second run of 100 stories and now we are busily editing all of the stories into the newest and most exciting book. The title is “Zombies, Monsters, UFOs, and Surviving Yet Another Apocalypse: 100 Pieces of Impossibilia.” It will be available soon on Amazon and CreateSpace. More info and images when the book is available.

“Epidemic” by I. Conny Clast

3 Apr

“But Doc, I’m embarrased!” said Jesus.
“That’s okay son, they’re all idiots anyway.”
Jesus smiled and replied: “I’m having a book written about that.”

“High Gate” by Eddie Flink

3 Apr

He took two steps and leaped the high gate surrounding the Silver HIlls community. His claws clicked on the smooth asphalt and his long tongue licked the anticipatory slobber from his fangs. The wall was meant to keep trouble out, but tonight it will trap the victims in…

“My Sandwich” by T.P. Barnumb

3 Apr

“Legally, sir, you are obligated to shoot her if she enters the building,” the secretary said.

“But she’s bringing my lunch!” he screamed.

“Folkswagens” by I. Conny Clast

3 Apr

“The car’s on fire!!” screamed Jesus.
“It’s okay Son, You didn’t need that piece of shit anyway!”

“Reflected” by Josh Erdahl

3 Apr

Peter ran his fingers through his sticky hair. Stumbling to the door, his foot still half out of his shoe, an hour late for work, he glimpsed his image in the hall mirror. His pale face, cadaverous, his hair matted with dark syrupy goo, he was filled with an electric shock of realization. In the mirror he could see a forensics team hunched over his bloodied corpse. He whipped around to look back into the living room and saw only the dust covered bookshelves, the empty crumpled beer cans, and the television with its rolling screen of static.


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